MATERIAL: Embroidery on cotton, found objects

SIZE: 68 x 49 cm



About collection

On the genetic level we contain the memory of everything that we perceive unconscientiously as familiar and native not processing these rationally. The drawing on the towels from the 2000s refers precisely to such images: it is not the best piece of design, it is not a piece of worship, but something that is instantly understood by cultures’ natives.
These towels were still unpacked when the artist acquired them a decade after they were produced. In the meanwhile, no one has ever used them. This is a perfect representation of the values ​​of the consumer society. Daria Neretina wanted to make up for the time of the “obscurity” of these things, focusing her interest on identifying the “found” drawings.
Historically embroidery is a female practice. At it’s core it’s very meditative and requires profound concentration. One can call embroidery as a practice an “honest” art, since nothing can be accelerated or disguised here. Hence, the very essence of the “week” series demonstrates the isolation of homework and leisure: from Monday to Friday, from Saturday to Monday, every day.

Daria Neretina is an artist from Moscow. Her practice comprises work with various media. Daria studied in Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts in the department of Ceramics and later in ICA, completing the course “New Art Strategies”.
Despite the traditional academic education, one of the key features of the her creative practice is an unquenchable desire for experiments with various materials. In her work Daria visually eliminates the defining qualities of objects: everyday objects turn into works of art, and fragile materials and techniques blur the line between art and craft.

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