Daria Neretina | Screen


MATERIAL: Embroidery on vintage velvet, pearls, porcelain

SIZE: 56 x 94 cm



About collection

In the series “Screens” (2020), the artist reflects on the topic of maintaining stability in turbulent times. The screen becomes a watershed between areas of influence and protection from external circumstances. The “screen” that Daria addressed herself – was the embroidery technique she usually works with. This practice combines two contrasting characteristics: it is very decorative and “elite” and in the same time very artisanal and accessible to everyone. Working in it, the artist emphasizes the importance of the criterion of “honesty” in art.

Daria chose old velvet fabric as a basis for her works from this series for the visibility of the “imprint of the past” on it. These imprints, traces are time markers and “annual rings” of the fabric, reflecting their true nature and this is why the artist emphasises them in her work. In order to do that Daria creates exquisite embroideries using antique pearls, glass beads and molded porcelain shapes.

Work with “screens” involves a dichotomy, which the artist often refers to in her work. In the final work, both sides of the screen are equally significant: Daria does not draw a line between the back and the front plane – either side of the work will have its own unique “pattern”.

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