Group Therapy T-shirt

T-shirt for a charity pop-up Group Therapy

MATERIAL: Digital print on a t-shirt

SIZE: One size


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Our expectations and hopes for 2021 haven’t materialised. A series of events varying in scale from global to personal have affected us, both as individuals and for society in general. This year, which we expected to be a time of calmness and clarity, turned out to be even more turbulent than the quietly anxious year of the pandemic. In this context, we feel that we cannot cope with this burden of unprocessed stress alone, and therefore we invite you to join with us for a group therapy session, to support each other during this unstable time.


This pop-up exhibition, open during the Art Weekend in Сube.Moscow, is intended to support the artists whose works were destroyed in a fire that broke out in one of the gallery’s warehouses. All profits will be donated to a fund supporting those artists who have lost their works.

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