Fold with agate and glass

MATERIAL: Clay, glaze
SIZE: 68 x 38 x 14 cm

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Fābula gallery is proud to present ceramic objects created by designer and stylist Asiya Bareeva. Asiya is the designer of the brand Asiya Bareeva @asiyabareeva, as well as the author of several collaborations with the brand Bella Kareema, which is expanding the boundaries of Islamic fashion.

Its objectlessness, interest in ornamental characterize Islamic art. It is based on the aesthetics of minimalism, subtle expressiveness, which is achieved by a minimum of means. The meditative nature of rhythms, the expressiveness of textures and large canvases of colour makes it akin to the tradition of abstract art: it is introvert, as the introvert architecture of Peter Zumthor, Martin Margiela’s collections or the paintings of Agnes Martin.

An interest in minimalism, simplicity and cleanliness of lines is what distinguishes ceramic objects by Asiya Bareeva. “”Clay is never boring,”” the author says. And indeed, at first glance at her objects, the material with which she works, clay, seems to be living restless matter.

Items from the “”Lace”” series were first presented at the Grand Palais in Paris during the Révélations exhibition in 2019.

The works from this series are based on harmonious yet straightforward sculptural forms; their texture is a print of lace inspired by the artist’s interest in minimalistic and expressive fabrics.

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