Narcissus | Alina Kvirkveliya

But I loved Narcissus because as he

Lay on my banks and looked down at

Me, in the mirror of his eyes I saw ever

My own beauty mirrored.

Oscar Wilde

Narcissus – is a collection of objects dedicated to the ideas of vanity and self-love.

Traditionally, the mirror acts not just as an object, but also as a medium through which we get to know ourselves. This process of self-discovery begins at an early age and does not end until death. At our time of the epidemic narcissism we learned to love only the ‘visible’ part of ourselves, the one we see in the mirror reflection or in the front camera of our phones.

The mirrors from Narcissus collection invite the audience to interact with them, to turn the process of self-discovery into the game in which one can chose what he wants to and what he wants to hide.