Misha Gudwin

Misha Gudwin is a street artist living and working between Moscow and Voronezh. In his creative practice he merges elements of pop art, street art and webpunk. Misha worhs with different media, including murals, installations, sculpture and graphics. The distinctive feature of his artistic language is that he juxtaposes and overlaps objects which surround us daily with the symbols of the internet–subcultures from the beginning of the 21st century.

Extracting the digital symbolism from the virtual into the physical realm, Misha Gudwin studies the phenomenon of digital dualism, analysing the links between these two worlds. The artist reproduces digital images and forms, which have become rooted in our collective perception: dash line selection, software icons, alfa-channels, and gradients. In his series of works “Remains” Misha works with traditional materials such as marble and granite, using them as a canvas for digital imagery. In his other series – “Web 2.0” he works with acrylic and spray paint, again transferring the symbols from the virtual world onto found physical objects.

In his works Misha Gudwin ‘bonds’ contemporaneity – the world we live in combines the features of both a virtual and a physical reality. His technique is quite close to collage: various symbols overlapping create a visual storybook of the 2000s. Critical analysis of this fading cultural code helps us to better understand and reevaluate the reality we live in.