Anna Kuznetsova

In her practice Anna Kuznetsova often references the iconic works of philosophy and theology. By analysing the classic masterpieces intellectual heritage, she interprets them within the framework of contemporary art. By building the bridges between text and image in her art, she engages herself and her spectators into a dialogue between the modern world and our past.

Anna has collected a vocabulary of very characters in her works; “guiding-saints” such as Saint Augustine and Saint Theresa of Avila; or the female “holy-fools” such as the Blessed Euphrosyne Kolyupanovskaya, nee Princess Evdokia Vyazemskaya.

She is also very interested in the ideas of Blaise Pascal, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Lev Shestov. Anna often interprets their works in the context of the abstract visual landscape that she creates; their quotes and ideas appear in her textile and video works as well as in her photography. Anna Kuznetsova’s artistic language is very ascetic – she denies the abundance of expressive effects in order to synthetize sublime intellectual tension in her work.

Anna lives and works between Moscow and St Petersburg. She collaborates on a regular basis with cultural and academic institutions in Europe. Her works are part of several significant private and corporate collections, such as: Alberto Sandretti Foundation, Imagio Mundi by Luciano Benetton, and many others in Russia, Germany, France, Belgium and Japan.