Kristina Rozhkova

Kristina was born in 1996 in Perm (Ural), Russia. In 2015, she enrolled in Perm State University to pursue a Bachelor of Philosophy degree and conducted research on topics such as philosophy of art, cinema, and Walter Benjamin’s works. In 2022, she completed her studies and obtained a degree from the St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Documentary Photography “Fotografika”.

In 2021, Kristina won the POY Asia 2021 Award for Cultural Practices with her “Dacha” project. She was also named one of 20 young photographers to watch in the 2021 British Journal Photography competition. Her work has been featured in various publications including The Zone Zine, PHROOM Magazine, Calvert Journal, and Fisheye Magazine. The Zone Zine published her debut photography book, “The Bliss of Girlhood,” in the summer of 2022. Also in August 2022, Kristina launched a set of playing cards called “Russian Erotic Collection”.

Artist Statement

I like to think of the body metaphorically, as a signifier, and as an object in space. I like exploring its plasticity, its physical limits, and trying to capture its movement in a still image. I like to flirt with the viewer and the feelings of discomfort, dislike and possible disgust that some of my images may cause. I like it when the image becomes almost physically unbearable. I would like to convey my own feelings, my sensory experience.

I like the motives of power and aggressiveness, cruelty that flow into tenderness, caring, closeness and vice versa. For example, when something gentle and fragile is aggressive and domineering, totalitarian. I really like the fragile, crystal clear girlish world, which is sexuality and toughness. I like to convey my world and my feelings, so other people in my photos are like mediums for conveying my feelings. the feeling of a kaleidoscope swirling in the eyes is a feeling that I would like to show.