Speed Dating | MMOMA Cafe
20 May – 18 Jun 2023

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Dates: 20 May - 18 Jun 2023
Artists: Maresiy Ivaschenko, Kristina Rozhkova

Speed Dating | MMOMA Cafe
20 May – 18 Jun 2023

fābula gallery х MMOMA Café
with support of Shilo Gallery
20.05 – 18.06.2023

fābula gallery is pleased to present a new pop-up project “Speed Dating”, created as part of a collaborative event with Shilo Gallery and MMOMA cafe.
The exhibition will feature the works of two young artists: Maresiy Ivashchenko and Kristina Rozhkova, who work with the medium of photography and explore to explore the themes of corporality and sensuality, among other themes. The format of speed dating was a popular way to make new romantic acquaintances during the early 2000s. These events often took place in coffee shops and cafes. The idea was that participants communicate and get to know each other within a limited period of time, moving from table to table, telling the story of their life in the most concise format. Such events can be seen as a reflection of the culture of consumerism projected onto relationships between people. Efficiency becomes a priority in them, and other details fade into the background or even disappear.
The works of Maresiy and Kristina, presented in the exhibition, refer to the themes of intimacy and physicality, as well as the surreal comparison of these categories with everyday reality. We want to invite viewers and visitors of the MMOMA cafe to a speed dating session with these young authors, to get acquainted with their work and the characters they create.

Maresiy Ivashchenko
Kristina Rozhkova

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