Raku | Masha Kolosovskaya

This series of works by Masha Kolosovksaya is inspired by the Japanese “Raku” technique (“Raku” in Japanese means “pleasure”, “naturalness” or “joy”). Masha was trained in this method of working with clay at the La Meridiana School of Ceramic in Tuscany. Traditionally, raku technique has been used in making dishes for tea ceremonies. Processing and firing of the clay are carried out at low temperatures in the open air.

The main feature of this technology is that the ceramics are fired in a kiln until reaching a specific temperature, then the oven is turned off and the objects are removed while red-hot. After that, the ceramics are submerged in containers filled to the brim with various natural materials such as pine cones, sawdust, or dry grass.

Clay objects of this type thus “ripen,” slowly cooling and interacting with the natural materials. In this way, a unique, inimitable pattern is formed on the surface of the objects.