fābula X Artem Briukhov | Out of place artefact
26 – 28 Sep 2023

Out-of-place artefact
Russian Federation, Republic of Bashkortostan, Birsk, historical park “Birsk Fortress”
Curator: Arthur Rahmetov
26.09.23 – 28.09.23

This is a mockumentary-style story about an archaeological artifact – a metallic skeleton of an unidentified animal, which became a key factor in the founding of the city of Birsk.

Historically, the city began with the establishment of Streletskaya Fortress, which was built in the 17th century for defense against nomads. However, in this project, artist Artem Bryukhov and curator Arthur Rakhmetov constructed a story that it was the skeleton that attracted the first musketeers to this area. Over time, it became adorned with art objects made of ceramics, wood, plexiglass, and metal, eventually becoming the central element of mystical legends among the local population. One day, it mysteriously disappeared, leaving no traces behind.