After Rain Comes Sun | Sasha Nesterkina
16 Sep – 05 Oct 2023

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Dates: 16 Sep – 05 Oct 2023
Artist: Sasha Nesterkina

After Rain Comes Sun | Sasha Nesterkina
16 Sep – 05 Oct 2023

After Rain Comes Sun
Sasha Nesterkina
16.09 – 02.10.2021

Fābula Gallery is pleased to present Sasha Nesterkina’s new project After Rain Comes Sun – the next chapter in her artistic manuscript, continuing her reflections on fragile beauty, sensory perception and the search for new forms born in the process of ruination. It is important to note that the artist does not work in series specially created for projects. Her practice is a continuous process of building her own microcosm, the hallmark of which is the deepest connection with natural forms and matters.

Time here is illusory, and space balances on the border of the real past and the future visualized by the artist, where the human and natural, merging together, synthesize new forms. In the fleeting reflections of crystal faces, the viewer catches fragments of his own memories and fantasies. This is a space of reflections and mirages. The objects created by the artist contain a mysterious magic that makes the viewer feel a slight thrill, aching tenderness, and the joy of recognition. The world created by Sasha Nesterkina is like an addictive funnel – once you find yourself in it, you want to dive in again and again, layer by layer, each time one step deeper.

Polina Mogilina

About the artist: Sasha Nesterkina
Graduated from the Contemporary Art course at the British Higher School of Design (2018), Institute of Contemporary Art. Joseph Backstein (2020). Since 2018, she has been taking part in group exhibitions: “To the right – white forest”, “Peredelkino”, Moscow (2021) “While adults are talking”, Center for Contemporary Art “Winzavod”, Moscow (2022) Terminal B, Center for Contemporary Culture “Smena”, Kazan ( 2022) and others.

The artist’s personal projects take place in galleries and museums in Moscow and other cities: Weltschmerz, Triumph Gallery, Moscow (2022); Harmonium, ZIL Cultural Center (2022); “Twin Vyksa”, Museum of the History of VSW, Vyksa (2021).

Lives and works in Moscow.