Peter Kroschinsky | Shower Mode set

MATERIAL: MDF, old ceramic tiles, pump, shower

armchair 77 х 66 х 150 cm

table 25 х 24 х 50 cm

panneau 38 х 42 х 3 cm



About collection

Dozens of calls, an inbox full of messages, endless news of little importance, incoherent social media feeds, new episodes and new series, daily work and daily troubleshooting – all these things are what our everyday lives consist of. This is true for most of us, and is nothing special at first glance. However, sometimes it is really not easy to handle the escalating tension of life within ourselves.

On a daily basis we consume an incredible amount of information, most of which is useless. This never-ending stream exhausts us, distracting us from things which are actually important. In his series “Shower Mode”, Peter Kroshchinskiy offers a solution to this problem: an armchair with a built-in shower, coffee table, and panel, all created from vintage Soviet bath tiles, can help one to wash away the burden of all the visual trash he or she has consumed and free one’s mind for new, ingenious ideas.


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