Replacement Blocks | Dasha Bolkhovitina

In objects from the Replacement blocks series, the artist addresses the problems of memories and nature. Here Dasha combines experience from two other series, which we exhibit in our gallery. She creates both a transparent surface and a blurred one with bubbles and feathers, which creates a more dynamic inert state within the glass mass. The main object becomes the forms and images of branches. Trees function as a symbol of a living organism that preserves the memory of generations and is an eyewitness to events. A branch twisting, intertwining, and winding symbolizes the life of a memory: breaking off from the tree, it does not die, but acquires a new life, being reborn in its meaning. Thinking about time, Dasha comes to a feeling of nostalgia. A cast of a once-living branch, full of life and movement, seems cold and lonely, imprinted in a glass mass. However, the detailed relief of the object placed inside presents the depth through which a person, having found themselves, can become part of the artist’s research, contemplating the beauty of nature, perceiving submergence into matter and seeing through it. The animate and inanimate enter into a dialogue, and therefore the life and history of the branch continues on.