Oblique Blocks | Dasha Bolkhovitina

Objects from the Oblique Blocks series have beveled edges. Their body is cloudy and in their thickness, it is hardly possible to make anything out. Small sculptures made of gypsum were enclosed inside the masses during baking process. These objects are man-made artifacts that are powerful inside and calm outside. The goal for Dasha, whilst working with them was to achieve the most natural form. Dasha Bolkhovitina reflects on the nature of things and on speculative perception. The artist brings two forms together, exploring the boundaries of objects. She studies the problem of human perception and its inaccuracy. The true nature of things is often unclear, covered in fog, which prevents us from discerning the truth. In a world where everything is not what it seems, the desire to get to the bottom of things is especially present. Mottled with transparent swirls, glass is full of life. In Dasha’s works, it becomes a prototype of a human, combining the two polarities of our essence – mind and soul. Looking at the glass, we observe the coexistence of a creative human mind and vitality of spiritual vibrations.