Dec 13 – Jan 16 2020

108 is a solo show of Maria Kolosovskaya, which compiles a selection of her ceramic, photographic and videographic works. The show’s title derives from the number of works exhibited: 108 ceramic vases, or as the artist calls them “beads”, referencing the prayer beads in Eastern spiritual practices, where this number is deeply symbolic. This is the largest collection of Maria’s works so far exhibited, and features extensively some of her oldest works. These unique and carefully crafted vases are created using traditional Russian techniques, in which clay is covered with milk and bee’s wax, in order to create a very special surface, which reminds of wood or leather. The show also includes the most recent works by Maria, such as a series created in tribute to the traditional toy of the Abashevo region, as well as a total installation dedicated to the phantasmagoria of the New Year eve. Some works exhibited are a result of collaboration between Maria Kolosovskaya and Vladimir Kosyak, as well the photo and video artist Ilya Batrakov, and the performer Albina Vakhitova.