fābula gallery is proud to present our exhibition for Collectible Art Fair in Brussels, 2020.

The collection is a result of a collaboration of our gallery with an interior design brand ANA by Anastasia Tikhomirova.

ANA is a story about an interior sculpture that dreamt of becoming a bookshelf; about a coffee table that aspired to rise above its utilitarian nature. It’s a story about objects that belong to two worlds at once: one is the world of “pure” art and the other — of practical aesthetics.

The architect Anastasia Tikhomirova is the one who creates these objects.

The first ANA’s collection represents a long-standing love of ceramics and dwells on the ruminations about the nature of Russian aesthetics. Glazed ceramic cylinders are molded manually and hand-painted using a traditional (pre-Petrine) tile colour palette. The method of assembly — stringing — is also a reference to vernacular technologies.

The collection has two faces, reflecting basic conditions of the Russian soul: lightheartedness and joy are shaded by melancholy and thoughtfulness. And here intervention in the territory of art frees objects from the radiant optimism that is obligatory for commercial design and allows us to turn to the Russian sense longing and yearning as a source of inspiration.