Irina Zatulovskaya defines the genre in which she works as “Russian arte povera”. Her paintings are highly ascetic in their character, and her style can be characterised as an experiment on the verges of neo-primitivism and minimalism. She uses found objects and everyday items such as fragments of old furniture, metal sheets and stones as both her inspiration and the material she paints on.

The reason why Irina is attracted to these unconventional materials lies in their qualities – in their “honesty” and their rigidity: the canvas, unlike a sheet of metal, vibrates, and also lacks a special texture or innate colour. Irina never hides the material she uses under the layers of paint, as for her it is not just a surface, but in itself a phenomenon, carrying its own content.

Irina’s artistic language is laconic and elegant, and behind the external simplicity of her objects there is always a deep metaphor, often reflected in the names of the works.

Irina Zatulovskaya’s works are part of numerous public and private collections. She is exhibited in the following state galleries: Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), Russian Museum (St Petersburg), Pushkin Museum (Moscow), MMOMA (Moscow), Museum of Contemporary Art (Kiasma), City Museum (Warsaw), Museum of Modern Art (Trento, Rovereto).

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